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January 3, 2020

Self-Care for the Soul: Guide to Taking Care of You

Ever have that itching to finish a book, take a bath or to spend a day sitting in your recliner just daydreaming? A society dominated by the need for competition, success and wealth casts a shadow over the little things that require more attention.

Proper rest, relaxation, therapy, mindfulness and meditation all belong higher on our list of priorities. Somehow, we get caught up filling our schedule further than we can handle.

Coffee isn’t always the solution to keep you going, the solution is actually much simpler. Self-Care is the best way to replenish your mind and body by looking out for number one.

What is Self Care?

The Self Care Definition is simple: Taking time to focus on yourself, in a way that ensures you are being cared for properly. Sounds simple right? However, you’d be surprised how many people push themselves way past their exhaustion and stress limits for the week. What’s the solution? [1]

You need to allot a specific time frame during the week that is dedicated to stress relief and unwinding. Typically, Self-Care is best utilized on the Weekends or any day that you are free of obligations.

Clear your schedule of Work, School, Family, Friends or any external part of your life that may make you accumulate stress. This day is about you and living your best life! How do you make the most of your Self Care Day?

Self Care Tips:

Drop the Electronics: Self Care involves becoming more attuned to yourself and your inner voice. Electronics can distract you from hearing your inner voice or listening to your intuition. Unplug from technology in order to become completely present.

Let Your Body Decide: Use your instincts to let you know how your Self-Care Day is supposed to go. Don’t set that alarm. Sleep in. Your body will wake you once it is well-rested!

Practice Yoga: You may think that being fit replaces the need for Yoga. False! Burnout and injury can happen to anybody. Yoga can give you the Mind-Body connection you need to thrive physically and emotionally. [2]

Take a Self-Care Trip: The best thing for your soul might be some fresh scenery and new horizons. This may mean a trip to the hot springs or a tropical getaway to escape the winter cold. Choose your Self Care Trip by your Horoscope and see where you were meant to go!

Soothe your Gut: Feeling some uneasiness and tension in your stomach? It may be time to start that 24-hour cleanse you’ve been waiting to do. Your Digestive System will thank you and you will feel a lot lighter! [4]

Treat your Hair & Skin: Self-Care Day is about going Above and Beyond. This means all of your favorite soothing Beauty Products you usually don’t have time for. Below are some essentials you’ll need for your next Self-Care Day!


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Self Care Checklist:

Splurging on yourself with products that will help you unwind is a necessary component to Self Care. This includes anything that will aid your mind, body and spirit in elevating from daily stress and strife. Here are some essentials you’ll need:


Organic News Perspective:

It’s nearly impossible to take care of those around you without taking care of yourself first. The better you take care of yourself and your own needs, the clearer your perspective will be.

Sometimes it seems like life is moving too fast. This can leave you feeling overwhelmed and distressed. By devoting a day to meditation, yoga, fitness, and self-thought, you can improve your spirituality & stress management, and be the best version of you.

Above all, you will become a better person in the long-run. By consistently refreshing and nourishing your mind & body, you can find your center of balance and promote natural aging. You will be happier and healthier for it!


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