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November 22, 2019

Pilates Pros Share Their Expertise on Core Workouts and Physique

What is Pilates?

Strengthening your Core is one of the major benefits of Pilates. A strong core allows your body to maintain balance and strength and can prevent you from getting injured.

Pilates by definition is a series of exercises with an emphasis on strengthening your core and mind/body connection. It’s founded upon the concept that physical strength and mental health are deeply connected. [1]

Types of Pilates:

Classical Pilates:

 Classical Pilates follows the main principles set by Joseph Pilates created in the 1920s. It incorporates fundamental exercises that can be performed on all levels.

The Classical Method is centered around the 6 principles of Pilates: Centering, Concentration, Control, Precision, Breath and Flow. This is the best type of Pilates for Beginners. [2]

Mat Pilates:

Mat Pilates includes a host of exercises that could be performed on a mat. There are about 500 exercises that can be performed anywhere with the use of a mat.

This type of Pilates was developed before the advancement of technology brought about equipment. However, it’s still an integral form that is utilized today. It’s perfect for anyone looking to do Pilates at Home. [3]

Reformer Pilates:

This form is focused around an innovative piece of equipment known as the Pilates Reformer. This exercise machine allows for advanced flexibility and is meant for challenging and intense workouts.

Reformers Pilates is a great way to deviate from standard exercises and can force you to push your limits. [4]

Contemporary Pilates:

 Contemporary Pilates is essentially a more modern form of Classical Pilates. It’s derived from advanced, present-day research that’s influenced by physical therapy and biomechanics. It includes a bunch of new exercises as well as variations of Classical exercises. [5]

Hot Pilates:

Hot Pilates is performed in a studio with Thermostat-controlled heat. This training system is meant to detoxify your pores and elevates your heart-rate up for a metabolic boost.

Winsor Pilates:

 A proprietary type of Pilates created by Professional Instructor, Mari Winsor. Her Winsor Pilates program has different types of plans that target different age groups and skill levels. It includes a host of exercises for body sculpting, abdominal workouts and other core strengthening routines.

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Pilates Exercises for your Core

An effective Pilates Workout is contingent on the execution of core exercises. Below are some of the Best Core Workouts to get you started on your Pilates Regimen:

  • Pilates Curl
  • The Hundred
  • Roll-Up
  • Single-Leg Stretch
  • Criss-Cross
  • Pilates Plank to Push-Up
  • Shoulder-Bridge
  • Double Leg Kick [6]

Tips from the Pros

Pilates Instructors

The best way to master any art form or craft is learning from the best. There is so much to be learned about form, technique, and determination from Pilates Pros. Below are a few of our favorites who demonstrate strong professionalism and passion.

Amy Jordan:

Amy Jordan is a Pilates Master who is well known for her high-energy classes. Her extensive knowledge and vision for Pilates have been shaped through strong dedication and enthusiasm.

Amy has created a 30-day Pilates Workout Challenge that features a variety of rigorous exercises to challenge her students. Her main advice for sticking with a beneficial Pilates Program is this:

“Find gratitude and grace for yourself as you work. It’s easy to get on ourselves for missing a planned workout. Missed one? Get back at it tomorrow!” Her unrelenting determination has inspired many to keep with her program and strive to meet their goals.

Peta Serras:

Peta Serras holds a diploma in professional Pilates and other certifications in the health and wellness sector. Her videos and widely popular blog have developed a lot of buzz in the industry.

She believes that strong abdominals are essential for a strong core and spinal support. Her favorite workout for improving physique and midsection is called Criss-Cross.

It involves twisting your body upper body down to your core on both sides to gently pull on your abdominal muscles and strengthen them.

Serras is adamant that solid abs are better for strengthening your back and gaining a desirable physique. She’s also an avid fan of using a Pilates Ball for support. [7]

Hollie Grant:

Hollie Grant is an award-winning Pilates Instructor and Author of the “Model Method.” Her approach to creating an individualized approach to fitness and Pilates is a message that resonates strongly among her followers.

Her philosophy on improving your core involves becoming an expert about yourself. She explains, “Knowledge is power and the more we know, the more appreciation we will have. If you know your glutes are lazy and hip flexors are tight, you are in a much more informed position to choose what exercises to do.”

By identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your core, you can work to play to your strengths and improve your weaknesses.

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Supplementing your Pilates Regimen

If you’re looking to supplement your Pilates Regiment and trim up your physique, there are a lot of ways to do so.

Many have found huge success with CLA & Thermogenics, Fat Burners and Diet Stacks. These can help ramp up your metabolism and deliver a steady dose of energy and focus during a strong workout. Preworkout Products can also help you sustain your endurance through the most rigorous regimen.

Supplements are always meant to be supported by a balanced diet and Nutritious Snacks. The foundation of your energy comes from these foods, so it’s important to make sure they’re supreme quality.

Organic News Perspective

Our research has led us to believe that there is a lot of benefits to be gained from strengthening your core with Pilates.

It’s a great way to improve your flexibility and posture, strengthen your muscle and tone your physique. It’s also an effective form of stress management and relaxation.

Pilates and Yoga are a powerful combination. Pilates helps you develop a sound physical structure that is best utilized for performing Yoga at a high level. The two together can create strong physical and spiritual synergy when given proper dedication.

Heed caution with over-exertion and listen to your body. There is no reason to get competitive when it comes to Pilates. Find your body’s individual abilities and strive for improvement every day. If you’re a new start with Core Workouts for Beginners. There are so many personal and digital resources to learn from!

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