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September 20, 2019

Are Hemp and CBD good for Anxiety?

CBD and Hemp products are flying off the shelves at a rapid rate! From Herbal Tinctures, Gummies, Vape Pens, Softgels to Tablets and more, there are so many ways to now experience this healing plant in many forms.

It’s incredible how quickly these products have burst onto the scene. Really makes you wonder… Why are they so popular?

CBD stands for Cannabinol which has produced a lot of promising research since its inception, attracting thousands of loyal customers.

This Healthline Resource has valuable CBD Information pertaining to its biological makeup, extraction process and research regarding valuable health benefits.

Most research points towards CBD having a major impact on helping with daily anxiety. This is huge considering Anxiety is the 6th leading contributor to disability worldwide according to the World Health Organization.

CBD Oil for Anxiety:

Anxiety is a common problem that may prohibit you from being active and productive. It’s considered the most common Mental Illness in the U.S. affecting more than 18% of the population each year.

In the past, moderate to severe anxiety has been treated with Psychotherapy and strong Prescription Medications. However, many people choose to forgo these solutions due to medical costs and potentially dangerous side effects. Holistic remedies with Herbs like Hemp offer a more natural means for anxiety management.

A small study published in Neuropsychopharmacology in 2011 yielded some promising results regarding Hemp Oil for Anxiety.

For this study, 24 people with Social Anxiety received either 600 mg of CBD or a placebo an hour and a half before a rigorous public speaking task. Additionally, 12 other people were put to the same test without being given any substances.

The study concluded that CBD helped significantly reduce anxiety, cognitive impairment, and discomfort during the public speaking task. [2]

How it Works:

The human body has many different receptors that are used for a variety of different complex functions. They receive signals from various stimuli.

CBD interacts with CB1 and CB2 receptors. These receptors are found mainly in the central nervous system.

Taking CBD can affect CB1 receptors leading to a balance of Serotonin levels in the body. Serotonin is the main mood-regulating neurotransmitter in your body. [3]

With balanced Serotonin levels, you’re less likely to experience some of the ailments that come along with low Serotonin like Anxiety. Further research leads us to believe that CBD effects on general anxiety have a resounding correlation.

Other CBD Oil Benefits:

Aside from Anxiety, Hemp and CBD have been largely associated with many other health benefits. Many people have found success using CBD Oil for Pain and CBD Oil for sleep. Below are some other major uses of this healing plant:

  • CBD Oil for Psoriasis
  • CBD Oil for Arthritis
  • CBD Oil for Back Pain
  • CBD Oil for Glaucoma
  • CBD Oil for Joints
  • CBD for Epilepsy

However, reaping all of the benefits of Hemp & CBD is contingent on finding a high-quality product produced from superior sourcing. A valuable brand is one that prioritizes purity, potency, and bioavailability. Searching for the best CBD Oil and Hemp products? [4]

Hemp/CBD Supplements:

An effective Hemp Plant is properly farmed, nurtured and extracted carefully to preserve botanical nutrients. A high-quality supplement brand is one that is keen on sourcing and manufacturing practices.

There is one brand in particular that has pristine manufacturing practices and rigid testing on all Vitamins and Herbal products.

Their exclusive formulas are crafted in their own “GMP Certified” manufacturing facilities ensured by rigid testing and quality assurance.

This brand is in front of every innovative trend in the industry including Hemp Products. This brand is called Piping Rock Health, below are a few of their amazing Hemp Products.

1. Hemp Seed Oil Softgels:

This Cold-Pressed Hemp Seed Oil formula is one of the most potent in the industry. The Hemp-Seed is nurtured using an innovative Cold-Pressing process to promote strong bioavailability.

It delivers a wide-spectrum of Omega Fatty Acids and is enriched with pure Hemp Seed Oil (Cannabis Sativa). A single softgel delivers 700 mg of Hemp Extract for profound support.

2. Cold-Pressed Hemp Seed Oil:

Piping Rock’s Cold-Pressed Hemp Seed Oil boasts an impressive nutritional profile, rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 Essential Fatty Acids as well as Amino Acids. A single Tablespoon delivers the purest 100% Virgin Hemp Seed Oil from its natural source.

3. Quick-Release Hemp Softgels:

Their Quick-Release Hemp Softgels are supremely concentrated and Cold-Pressed for maximum absorption. Also, they’re Non-GMO, Gluten-Free and contain no Artificial Flavor, Artificial Sweetener, or Preservatives.

Piping Rock also boasts an impressive depth of Herbal Supplements other than Hemp that are renowned for their purity and sourcing.

4. Maximum Strength CBD Oil:

Smart Organics has crafted an Organic Cannabidiol Supplement that uses advanced biological properties for strong healing.

A single Dropperful carries 20 mg of Cannabinoid Oil from Hemp with no THC. This Chlorophyll Free formula is a great way to receive CBD Oil health benefits on a daily basis.

CBD Oil Side Effects:

Despite its outstanding reputation thus far, CBD and Hemp Oil are not for everybody. Some are susceptible to certain side effects including Stomach Cramping, Dizziness, Drowsiness, Dry Mouth, and Nausea.

CBD and Hemp Products are not ensured by the FDA. You should consult your physician before taking any supplement or substance. [5]



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